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  • An individual seeking employment and looking at coming to the beautiful Southwest. WARNING, we are not for the faint of heart.  Due to our rapid growth... structure and process tend to follow the opportunity... we call it organized chaos. Those that have historically succeeded come with a strong skillset, a type-A personality but know how to play well with others, are self-motivated, and have a positive look on life (whiners need not apply).

  • An investor with money to burn. The business we are building will probably be too complex for a single buyer at this time, therefore the strategy we are currently taking is too bring on managing partners that have stakes in the business .

  • potential seller. Even if you are not ready to sell now, it is always best to look for options. Some of the best advise I was given was "First thing to do when you buy a business is figuring out how to sell it". The how, who, and when is important so you can maximize your return. The other sound advice was "when you are ready to sell is always the worst time" Selling on the decline is not going ot maximize the price, selling on the upslope is... intincts will guide you wrong here. 80% of the owners still work for us, therefore if you are tired of figuring out how you are going to make payroll, invest in the next opportunity, or cross the next hurdle. You do not have to go at this alone.





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