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Our Family of Proven Brands

We are one of the fastest growing tour and/or travel companies in the state. Arizona Tour and Travel Group has amassed one of the most extensive portfolio's in all of the region. With our products and services, we are now able to offer guests full service capabilities with one stop shopping.

Although our group is in its infancy, the companies within have a total of 100 years of experience. With each addition we have sought to understand through a fresh-eyes approach, compared and taken a best practices approach and incorporated them into the whole. Below are the details of the various companies and history of our proven products. 

Redstone Tours:

Redstone Tours was founded in 1998, by Geologist, Howard “Howie” Green. After performing countless tours across Canada, the United States, and Mexico with Trek America and also running a tour company in Alaska, Howie and Yvonne(his wife) settled in Sedona and created Redstone Tours.

Redstone is a tour company focused on full day tours throughout Northern Arizona to destinations like Grand Canyon, Hopi lands, and the Colorado River. The tours were constructed from a naturalist perspective. The tours are designed to maximize time in the outdoors enjoying the great outdoors. Small group sizes, experienced guides, and individual attention are what sets Redstone apart.

What makes the tour successful is the guide, Howie knew this from his experience, and with that the primary focus. Our guides share their intimate knowledge of the natural history and culture of the Southwest, all important to help add color to the already beautiful landscape.


Just Don't See It ... Experience It!


Our first acquisition was Redstone in August 1, 2007. Our initial meeting was at a local coffee house where the entire company made up of seven (7) people sat down around a small table for our first meeting and the start of the journey began.

The early months were spent absorbing and learning the tour business. The thought was always to achieve more critical mass, not for the sake of just getting big, but to have a staff that would allow us to pull away to maintain ones sanity. The tour operator business is fraught with individual and husband / wife teams. Combined with a small business that is all consuming in a 24-7-365 environment burnout typically settles in three to five years down the road. Therefore, in order for us to avoid similar fate , we needed to find a different way...

During these early years, the strategy was based solely on tour-specific building blocks. Thanks to Howie and Yvonne, their help was crucial for setting the foundation for bigger and greater things to come.





Great Venture Tours:

Great Venture Tours is Sedona's original and premiere provider of small group tours to the finest Northern Arizona Destinations. Sedona Tours, Grand Canyon Tours, Colorado River Rafting and Native American Tours are our speciality. Family owned and operated since 1991, we consider it a privilege to be a part of your vacation.

Sedona Central Reservations & Sedona Travel:

Sedona Central Reservations has been a Sedona institution for over 20 years. Over the years the company was built on integrity in business and working exclusively with partners who also share this ideal. We hire naturally charismatic people who truly care about the highest level of service; the type of service that puts Sedona Central Reservations in a class by itself. We will always exceed your expectations. We extend ourselves in every possible way, anticipating needs and offering unbiased and honest recommendations.

Sedona Central Reservations is a Sedona based online and brick and mortar concierge service who's primary function is to provide our clients assistance with their Sedona AZ vacation plans. Our reservation service pre-screens each property and tour operator to ensure our high standards of quality and service. We work individually with each client to gain insight into their traveling style and needs to insure a proper match of accommodation and activities.

Whether clients come to us seeking advise or to make reservations, they can be sure that the information provided is current and accurate. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to you from the time you start planning your vacation AND during your stay here. 

       ... Where Your Vacation is Our Business !

Sedona Central Reservations combined with Sedona Travel in 2005, bringing full-service capabilities making the journey to Arizona that much easier.

Travel Agencies have had a tough time with ever decreasing commissions and through the advent of internet based alternatives. This has resulted in either travel agencies being gobbled up by the larger mega-travel agencies allowing for independent agents working out of their home or a family operated business where profits are less important than life-style and sharing travel experiences with customers.

Within this structure, Sedona Travel excels because of their full service capabilities, we are able to arrange airfare, rental cars, and hotels to arrange and blend with our other businesses complete packages and custom-type arrangments.

This ability to cross boundaries and work with hotels,  tours, restaturants, and activities, has allowed us to work in close



Blue Feather Tours:

Blue Feather specializes in personalized Northern Arizona and Sedona tours. Located in Sedona, we offer Vortex, Indian Ruin, Petroglyph and Extreme home and Metaphysical tours.

We also offer spiritual retreats, and referrals for individual practitioners. We have a new service to connect you with the best of Sedona’s psychics




Red Rock Western Jeep Tours & Sedona Vortex Tours:


Sedona Red Rock Western Jeep Tours, Sedona, Arizona’s “Original Cowboy Tour Company” offers rugged and scenic jeep tours, horseback rides, helicopter rides and group events. Experience Old West Hospitality and Style on a 4x4 Jeep Tour or horseback ride in Sedona, Arizona.

With eight spectacular Tours to choose from you can select the just the right experience for you.

Red Rock Western Jeep Tours is the only company permitted by the U.S. Forest Service to offer an Exclusive Soldiers Pass Trail Tour which takes you on a rugged and historic trail, the same one traveled by General George Crook during the Apache campaign in 1871-72. #1 Jeep Tour in Sedona!



                                                        Angel's Gate Tours (Flagstaff):

Angel's Gate Tours (Named after a rock formation at the Grand Canyon) was founded in Flagstaff by Blaine Stuart. The company known for its Scenic Rim and Hiking tours of the Grand Canyon. Blaine and Howie (Redstone tours) were always close allies from the inception making for a good working relationship for the companies for the future. This Operating Partnership continues to solidify our corridor throughout Arizona and puts a solid foundation for further product expansion for our Flagstaff customers.

 A Day in the West (Sedona):

A Day in the West, is a jeep tour company that emerged from Sedona Photo Tours. With Red Rock Jeeps and A Day in the West both being Jeep Tour companies, having a Western theme, and compatible management, this was a natural fit. The merger provides expanded Forest Service Trails, more jeeps, and some of the best guides in the area all under one roof. 

A Day in the West, in addition, has done a great job of partnering with Blazin M ranch, horse riding, helicopters, and wineries. It has been complimentary to the overall strategy of partnering.

                                               Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours (Sedona):


If two is good... then three must be better right. Well that is the philosophy that we took when we ended up bringing Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours into the merger between Red Rock Jeep and A Day in the West. 

It also rounds out our Metaphysical and Spiritual portfolio with Blue Feather Tours and Sedona Vortex Tours. Earth Wisdom Tours has had a great reputation for applying Native American history and tools to their tours making them unique and not just a typical roller coaster jeep ride.

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